What to see in Custonaci

The Tonnara of Cofano

The tonnara of Cofano rises in the territory of Custonaci, in front of the Scialandro rock, immersed in a natural context of extraordinary beauty: the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve.

Tower of the Tonnara of Cofano – Photo by CustonaciWeb

The tonnara of Cofano was one of the most fishy and important tuna traps in the Trapani area, a source of economic sustenance for the sailors of the place and neighboring countries. Today the Tonnara is home to a museum and is one of the most visited attractions of the Mount Cofano reserve.

Next to the tonnara there is an ancient tower dating back to the sixteenth century, characterized by a four-pointed star-shaped plant, unique in the entire Sicilian territory. The inside of the tower and the upper floor have a square plan, with barrel vaults and very thick walls.

Tonnara di Cofano – Picture of CustonaciWeb

The surrounding landscape is gorgeous, sometimes wild and unspoiled. Diving into the crystal clear waters of the tonnara will be a unique and extraordinary experience.
Following the path that crosses the reserve, near the cave of the Crucifix you will come across a rustic chapel built overhanging the sea, the destination of many pilgrims, who go to that hermitage to restore the spirit, and in another ancient tower erected from the Bourbon kingdom also to defend the Sicilian coasts, the tower of San Giovanni.

The Tonnara of Mount Cofano is an obligatory stop for tourists, who want to experience one of the most enchanting naturalistic landscapes in Sicily to discover the Sicilian wonders.

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